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December 21, 2018 / Special Edition
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Recently Ordained
Do Marriages
Rev. Balentine of Texas
(Ordained by WCM June 7, 2018)

     I wanted to write and tell you that after being ordained by WCM I did my first wedding ceremony for a friend of mine and his finance. This was a simple ceremony at their home with just family and a few friends. Everything went well and they were very happy that I did not do a long ceremony, LOL.  Since that time I have done 17 more ceremonies after I started advertising my services on the internet. So far, aside from doing weddings in homes, I have done a few in parks, a small  independent church, and at a local state park. I keep the ceremonies simple and not to long and people seem to like that. I use the less formal ceremony that you sent me and it has worked out fine.

80 Years Old, But No Retirement
Rev. Balentine of Texas
(Ordained by WCM in December of 1995)

     Having celebrated my 80th birthday last summer, one would think that the time had come for me to retire, sit under a shady tree and give counsel to the young.  However, such is not the case.  I find that I am busier than ever.
     I have expanded my teaching of comparative religion to include lectures to various local church groups.  I find so many people bewildered and deeply troubled by the hatred that is rampant in all sections of the world today.  Who is at fault?  How could all of this been avoided?  What can we do that would not make the situation worse?  These are some of the questions that I, in my feeble way, try to answer.
     On a lighter note, I have my marriage ministry, which I enjoy very much.  I am looking forward to early March when I shall to to San Antonio, Texas, to perform the wedding ceremony for my grandson and the lovely lady who will become my new granddaughter.  This will be the second of my grandchildren for whom I performed this service.  Life goes on and can sometimes be a joy in spite of all the trouble in the world.
     And so, for now, I plan to continue with what I have been doing.  With God's help, perhaps this old codger can still make a difference.
     My best wishes to you and all those ordained by World Christianship Ministries for a happy and successful new year.

Ministering in Nursing Homes
Rev. Cox of Oklahoma

rev cox world christianship minister ordained by mail
     I have been ordained in World Christianship since April of 1993 and have been ministering in nursing homes. I am sending you a picture of my wife and I taken while we were singing at a home in Joplin, Missouri.  I have been an associate pastor in California and pastored here in Oklahoma. There are so many little churches in this area, yet no one wants to minister in nursing homes, so we are enjoying the ministry that God has given us.  We also have done weddings and funerals, but mostly enjoy the nursing home ministry.

Visiting the Holy Land
Evangelist Sawyer of Scotland
(Ordained by WCM in 1984)

     This year it was my pleasure to lead 20 members of my congregation on a trip to the Holy Land.  We visited many holy sites and felt the presence of Jesus in so many ways.
     Our church was organized in 1984 after receiving ordination from World Christianship Ministries.  At that time we had meetings in my home.  We started with 5 people and now have 55.  Members of our congregation actively participate in coming up with new ideas for spreading the Christian word.  thank you for ordination and the help you gave us.  Your Christian service will always be remembered.
     This summer we are expanding our ministry to include services in Ireland and the Ukraine.  We will be distributing Bibles and teaching the Christians we come in contact with how to begin and organize their own new church.

Faith Outdoors, Spiritual Outdoor Adventures
Rev. Parfinik of Arizona

     Faith Outdoors, Inc. is a Christian adventure education program that promotes, facilitates, and teaches spiritual and personal growth through outdoor adventure.  As the director of Faith Outdoors, several individuals have approached me regarding marriage.  Some of these individuals have requested that I assist in their marriage ceremony.  These requests led to my leading prayers and speaking during the ceremony.  Due to this coincidental involvement, I began researching a way to be ordained to provide a marriage service for family, employees and friends.  The search ended with receiving ordination from World Christianship Ministries.
     I plan on using my credentials to assist with and perform marriages.  I have also taken the opportunity to take WCM's Bible study courses to further encourage me to use my credentials.  I look forward to how God will use my new credentials to assist in directing Faith Outdoors and performing marriages.

Bikers for Christ
"Preacher Kelly" of Massachusetts

     Since you last heard from me there have been a few changes in my ministry.  I continue working as a missionary to the local motorcycling world and I have assumed the Eldership of the Massachusetts chapter of "Bikers for Christ."  This assignment has taken up quite a bit of my time since the first of the year.  We have conducted many bike blessings and helped out at the Cornerstone Ministry's tent.  They have been feeding thousands of bikers for free who are going to and coming from the Laconia Motorcycle Rally each year.  this has been going on for 28 years now under the leadership of "Papa Joe" Dileo.  It is an honor and privilege to serve with him and the rest of the Cornerstone Ministry, and other Christian motorcycle ministries that participated in helping out.
     I continue as the independent chaplain for the Xtreme Riders Motorcycle Club.  My wife and I have also started a small home church geared towards the unbelievers, un-churched, and deceived believers.  The format has been quite a change as almost everyone who comes to this church has never opened up a Bible.  It has taken on the form of a cross between a cell-based church and Bible study.  Coffee and dessert is the main menu and things are very informal and flexible.
     Money is never asked for and is rarely received.  This is by design, so that the Salvation Message of Christ's death and resurrection does not get lost with the all too common perception that the Lord's church is just out to get peoples cash.  There is a motorcycle helmet by the door in case anyone wishes to donate.  the Holy Spirit will determine when people start to donate or tithe.  The majority of our membership is financially poor and they will learn to trust the Lord for their needs as He sees fit.
     Please keep me in prayer as I have been suffering many persecutions at the job that pays the bills for even speaking Jesus' name.  Please pray for more boldness as well as protection.  Some of the members in Bikers for Christ first heard about it from me at this job, and I have been able to put my witness out there to many of my clients.

Licensed Practical Nurse in Hawaii
Rev. Atkins of Hawaii

     As a Licensed Practical Nurse in Hawaii, I have had many opportunities to minister to the sick and dying, especially since most of my nursing career has been working in long-term care facilities.  I truly felt the presence of the Lord as I walked the halls giving medication and treatments.  The Lord gave me many opportunities to pray with the dying, and be a part of God's deathbed conversions.  The peace that passes all understanding changes a frightened, lonely, painful experience into one of peace and tranquility.  It truly is only our God, Savior, and Holy Spirit that can bring this transformation.
     During the years I have also taught Sunday school, served as Sunday School superintendent, as Children's Church Minister, as salvation follow-up coordinator at a church and did volunteer work with a foundation.
     Presently I am working with a street ministry helping to do outreach to the homeless.  I am involved in a hospital ministry and prison ministry, and just went on a missionary trip to Africa as part of a team to do a crusade.  I was also blessed to have a part in teaching the seminar's for the pastor's and their congregations.  We were also selected to go to the churches in the area to preach the World of God, therefore I preached at two churches in Africa.  I am still in communication with several pastors there.
     It is only through World Christianship Ministries that I now have the full privilege of being an ordained minister.  Now I am able to satisfy the requirements of man's law, to operate legally as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
     In the future, if it is the will of God, I would like to have a place of Bible study for the residents of our community.  Also, if it is the Lord's will, I would like to start a church in this area.  It is an area known for drug use, and also shootings.  They really need help.  Only Jesus can deliver them from bondage.
     My birthday was this past Saturday and I am now 68.  I am married to a supportive husband that allows me the privilege of going as far as my heart desires for the Lord.  A am in excellent health and very active.  I pray the Lord gives me more years to serve Him.

All Things New
Evangelist Burke of Georgia

     Let me begin by saying thank you for this resource you have provided.  Since receiving my ordination from WCM Jesus has led my heart with more intensity and direction.
     I was raised a Jehovah's Witness from five years old to about forty.  The last twenty years I was in and out because of doubts, not about god buy about the Wat