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Pictures of many of the certificates we issue, and information about their meaning

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Certificates are printed on quality parchment paper and are affixed with the gold seal and red and blue ribbons of the ministry.

The color blue represents baptism by water, and the color red represents the blood of Christ which was shed for us.
The certificates measure 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches and are perfectly suited for framing.
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cert of ord online ordain
Certificate of Ordination
Ordination Certificate

The ordination certificate is your main authority to do all Christian services and begin your church or ministry.  If you need to file a copy of your ordination with any marriage license office before doing weddings in your state, this is the one you would use.
(A letter confirming ordination is a bonus with all Clergy Packages)

title certificate ordain minister
Certificate of Title
Title Certificate

This certificate grants you the title that you feel is closest to the type of Christian work you will be doing.  To get an idea of what the various titles mean, click here to detour to the Title's Page where the various titles are explained.  Title's can be changed at any time without affecting your ordination.

dd cert how to be ordained
Honorary Doctor of Divinity
Doctor of Divinity
(This is a bonus item with
Clergy Package 2 and 3)

This is an inspirational certificate meant to honor you for your Christian work, past and present, and desire to help spread the Christian Faith either through ordination or other Christian endeavors.

charter cert becoming an ordained minister
Church or Ministry Charter
Church Charter

The Church Charter is our formal recognition of your new church or ministry's name.  If you have our charter we give you authority to ordain into your own personal church or ministry in your church or ministry's name.

achiev cert license to marry
Certificate of Achievement
of Achievement

(This is a bonus item with
Clergy Package #4)

This is a certificate honoring outstanding service to the Christian Faith by receiving ordination and beginning a new Christian independent Church or Ministry.

bib study cert ordained wedding
Bible Study Certificate
Bible Study Course Completion Certificate

This is the certificate that you receive after completing one of our widely acclaimed 9 Bible Study course

wciac cert internet ordained
Association of Clergy

International Association of Clergy Certificate

This is the certificate you receive, along with a pocket membership card, if you join our fellowship program after receiving ordination, or at the same time you are ordained.  Click here to learn more about this program.

Pastoral Counselor Certificate

Similar to the other certificates on this page.  Picture coming soon.
Pastoral Counselor Certificate

The Pastoral Counselor certificate is granted after completing a Bible study course.  This certificate is meant to keep you withing the pastoral limits of being a Pastoral counselor and is not meant to be a professional certificate.

Confirmation of Communion Certificate

Similar to the other
certificate on this page. Picture coming soon.

Confirmation of Communion Certificate
(Certificate of Good Standing)

This certificate is meant to keep you in communion with WCM in case we are called to verify your ordination.  You can find more information about this certificate by clicking here.  This certificate is also necessary for performing weddings in some states.

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Lettering Styles

We will imprint your name on the certificates using the lettering style that you choose.  The eight styles to the left are currently available

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