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Ordain me as a Christian minister almost immediately!
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     World Christianship Ministries will be happy to ordain you almost immediately as a Christian minister, reverend, pastor, evangelist, chaplain, apostle, missionary, elder, deacon, preacher, bishop, prophet, wedding or marriage officiant, or other Christian clergy title. Be ordained without delay and start your own church or start your on ministry.

     We will ordain you for life as long as your ministry or church remains Christian. We encourage you to browse through this site and learn about all the wonderful new opportunities that are open to you after being ordained. There are dozens of different types of Christian work you  may wish to be involved in. Whether it's doing a simple wedding ceremony or opening an actual church, ordination by  World Christianship Ministries makes it all possible.


     To see all that World Christianship Ministries has to offer you as an ordained minister, or ordained clergy, we recommend you take our Guided Site Tour by clicking on the yellow "Begin Guided Site Tour" button above or below. On each of the pages on the tour you may open your ordering form and brief application at any time on each of the pages by clicking on the photograph at the top of the page or other link on the page.

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We offer quick and professional service concerning your ordination or other ministerial needs. When we ordain you we are also here to offer advice in the future, if you need it.
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